Phone System Training

Custom Communications seeks to have customers that are both satisfied and successful with our products, gaining the maximum benefit from our offerings. As such, we offer appropriate training for end users and administrators.

From introductory instruction to training for experts and specialists, we deliver the training you need in the ways you prefer.

Tailored to the customer, our courses are for people throughout the enterprise—from system administrators to desktop users, office staff and sales personnel.

Training generally takes place at implementation of a system, but we recognize that employees come and go and are available to conduct New Employee training upon customer request.

End User Training

The goal of End User training is to give customers a working knowledge of their phone system capabilities. Emphasis is placed on how to manage calls, voice mail messages and greetings through multiple interfaces to the system. Our systems are easy to use, but the proper guidance at the beginning goes a long way to ease the transition from a traditional phone system. End user training generally takes place at the customer location, when possible, in groups of five to ten people.


When your phone system goes down you need immediate service…your business depends on it. CCI, is located in the Tacoma/Seattle area so getting there quickly is something you can count on.

If your customers can’t call you it’s a serious issue and waiting is not an option. Call us at 253-536-9183. We answer our phones live and can provide you with fast reliable service to get your system back up.

Call our office 24×7 for Emergency service. After hours non-emergency calls are returned the following business day.

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