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We offer on-site turnkey phone system installation for selected systems nationwide. Experienced technicians will come to your site, complete any necessary cabling, cross connect lines and d-marc extensions, install your phone system, configure and program your phones, verify operation, and leave with the system setup for future access in case further moves, adds or changes are required. All this is done in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Let us handle your installation needs so you can focus on your business.

SL Desktop Suite

What is SL Desktop Suite?
NEC’s SL Desktop Suite delivers to you an integrated unified communications (UC) solution that enhances your organization’s productivity and collaboration. This productivity-boosting solution offers you key functions that deliver excellent business benefits.

Manage Communications from Your Desktop PC

The SL Desktop Suite’s Desktop Client is an intuitive application providing full call control from your PC screen. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can get more done in less time through SL Desktop Client’s easy-to-use features such click-to-dial which eliminates dialing errors, speed dialing, call management and contact lookup.

For Microsoft® Office Outlook® users, it easily integrates with your Outlook contacts, providing click-to-dial functionality within emails for further time-saving benefits.

Support for Remote and Mobile Workers

The SL Desktop Suite’s Softphone is a portable telephony application, offering you system phone functionality from your laptop, from wherever you are; ideal for remote and mobile workers. With the Softphone, your workers will have the communications tools they need to work efficiently and productively, whether they’re in the office or on the road.

This versatile IP phone delivers high quality voice via a USB-connected headset/handset. It provides the full functionality and features of a regular desktop phone. Designed to meet the needs of any employee, it can be used as a primary desktop telephone, a supplemental desktop telephone or a remote/telecommuting device.

“Helps you be more responsive and effortlessly boost your customer’s experience”

IP Enabled SIP Trunking

The SL1100 provides you with all of the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to help you remain competitive in today’s marketplace. VoIP offers you:


A VoIP-enabled infrastructure enables your employees to communicate from any location. Employees can move their phone to any extension, whether it’s in your main facility or a remote/home office, and simply login to access their entire feature set and messages. Softphones on their laptops can also provide them with the same functionality through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity

Hotel/ Motel System

Advanced hospitality features for more responsive guest service
Personalized Services that Enhance a Guest’s Experience

Ensure your guests have a memorable stay by providing them access to the latest hospitality services.

Guestroom Messaging provides guests with their own voicemail box where they can quickly retrieve messages from their in-room telephone; they can also choose which language their voicemail box is set up in

Wake-Up Call offers guests the ability to add, delete, change and confirm their own wake-up calls

Single Digit Dialing gives your guests one-touch access to your important services such as the front desk, concierge, housekeeping, etc…

Department Calling Group allows your guests to reach the first available person of the department that they are trying to reach

Do Not Disturb (DND) – if your guests need privacy and do not want to be disturbed by phone calls, they can activate DND easily right on their phone

Powerful Support for Front and Back Office Functions

With the SL1100’s hospitality features, you can support and control many essential front and back office functions such as:

Message Waiting allows you to leave messages for your guest; upon their return, the flashing lamp on their phone notifies them they have a message waiting and can automatically call you back

Room Status monitors the status of all your guest rooms (checked-in, checked-out, maid required, maid-in-room) to maximize room usage by coordinating your cleaning staff and reservation desk

Flexible Numbering Plan allows you to customize your system to have room numbers match phone extensions which simplifies dialing guests and services

InMail Integration enables you to set up a special command in the system to automatically clear a mailbox and return the language to the default setting when a guest checks-in

DSS Console Monitoring allows you to simply press a button to check a room’s status or see at a glance which rooms have Wake Up Calls set or messages waiting

Music-Message On Hold Products

  • Intellitouch On Hold Plus 8000 USB music on hold unit
  • For use with all PBX and Key Phone systems
  • Plays audio directly from any USB Flash Drive (128MB drive included) for continuous playback
  • To add new audio content, just copy any MP3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive
  • Included 128MB USB Flash Drive is preloaded with nearly 3 hours of great sounding, fully licensed music and messages
  • Ready to go, right out of the box
  • High quality audio playback coupled with up to 140 hours of playback time (via any off-the-shelf 2GB USB Flash drive) makes the OHP8000USB suitable for background music, storecasting as well as music/message on-hold applications
  • Includes MessageStudio software: simple to use mini-application allows user to quickly and easily create customized on-hold audio or storecasting content from any Windows-based PC
  • Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure built to perform in the toughest environments
  • 128MB USB Flash Drive pre-loaded with nearly 3 hours of fully-licensed music and messages
  • MP3 audio: continuous playback from any MP3 file
  • Up to 140 hours of playback from any off the-shelf 2GB USB Flash Drive
  • Trigger switch jack allows connection of momentary switch to restart the audio from the beginning (perfect for audio kiosk applications)
  • Built-in monitoring speaker
  • MessageStudio software: simple mini-application allows user to create custom audio content from any PC
  • Flash memory design: retains music/message content even during power loss
  • Auto-start: automatically begins continuous playback after a power outage
  • Volume control
  • RCA and 3.5mm mini audio cables included
  • 110/220v switching adapter with US and VDE plug adapters
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Generic recording customization is done at no charge (adding the company name to a generic recording) – all you have to do is register the product with the attached card

NEC Compatible Headsets

Plantronics CS540 is the new flagship wireless headset to replace the legendary Plantronics CS55 and Plantronics CS50 family. The CS540 features a new headset design, streamlined base and improved performance. all with the same dependability and wireless productivity that has made the Plantronics CS wireless series our best sellers. Go hands free and multi-task up to 350 feet from your desk with answer, end and mute controls at your fingertips (require an optional HL10 lifter). And no matter what your preference, with three wearing choices there’s one to match your personal style. Enjoy the sleek contemporary design of the new system, premium wideband audio quality and wireless mobility, all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has made the CS family a best seller for nearly a decade. With the new Plantronics CS540 we are raising the bar once again for desk phone headset systems.

Note: If you need remote answering, we also offer the Plantronics CS540+HL10 combo package.

Key Features:

    • Convertible Headset – Choice of 3 wearing styles (over the head, over the ear, and behind the neck – sold separately)
    • HL10 Handset Lifter adds remote answer/end convenience; or choose an Electronic Hook switch Cable to add remote answer/end call capability, eliminating the need for a Handset Lifter
    • Lightest headset on the market – only 21 grams (0.74 oz)
    • Audio controls at your finger tips with volume adjust/mute simplifies desk phone call management
    • Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time by automatically downshifting to low power when the headset is close to the base to save battery life and maintain maximum density
    • Up to 7 hours of talk time
    • Extraordinary sound quality while roaming or multi-tasking up to 350 feet from your desk phone
    • DECT 6.0 (1.9Ghz) technology provides better audio and eliminates interference from Wi-Fi networks
    • Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology for high definition voice quality
    • Your choice of narrow or wideband professional grade audio quality — choose narrowband to extend talk time or wideband mode to enable clearer conversations
    • An extended boom and noise-canceling microphone filter out background noise, so listeners can hear conversations clearly
    • Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides more natural sound, delivering clear audio the way it’s intended to be heard
    • SoundGuard technology ensures listening comfort and acoustic limiting for protection against audio spikes
    • Conference in up to three additional CS540 or Savi headsets for improved call efficiency and collaboration
    • Allows CS540 headsets to subscribe to a base by simply docking the headset. Perfect for hot-desking environments
    • Convenient auto answer option allows user to answer/end calls simply by removing/replacing the headset from the charging base
    • SoundGuard DIGITALTM: protects against sound levels above 118dBA

Plantronics CS530 Over One Ear Wireless Headset

Plantronics CS530 is an on-the-ear only wireless headset.  Plantronics CS530 features a headset design that is streamlined, perfectly balanced so it sits discretely on your ear. It’s so light, office workers will often leave the office without knowing they are still wearing it.  With the improved performance. all with the same dependability and wireless productivity that has made the previous CS530 series one of the most dependable wireless headsets on the market. Base is labeled C053 or CO53

Key Features:

    • Over-the-Ear wireless headset
    • Audio controls volume/mute at your fingertips
    • Use with EHS cable or Plantronics HL10 lifter for remote answering (call for compatibility)
    • Also available in the Plantronics CS530+HL10 Wireless Headset Bundle Package
    • Superior DECT 6.0 technology eliminates interference Wi-Fi networks
    • Noise canceling microphone filters out background noise
    • adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time
    • up to 6 hours of talk time
    • weight only 25 grams
    • DECT 6.0 (1.9Ghz) up to 350 ft of wireless roaming
    • Narrowband or wideband: up to 6,800 Hz
    • SoundGuard DIGITALTM: protects against sound levels above 118dBA; Anti-startle detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level

Experience NEC’s SL1100

SL1100 Digital Handset

  • 12 or 24 key versions available
  • Backlit keypad and soft keys
  • Adjustable angle
  • Programmable keys with LEDs
  • 4 feature keys and navigation keys
  • Headset port
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • 20 number personal directory
  • 1000 number system/group directory
  • Built-in wall mount kit
  • Dual-color call indicator lamp
  • 8 Selectable ring tones
  • Power saving sleep mode
  • Standard silver designation sheet or optional charcoal one
  • Also available in white

SL1100 IP Handset

  • 24 key handset
  • Backlit keypad and soft keys
  • Adjustable angle
  • Programmable keys with LEDs
  • 4 feature keys and navigation keys
  • Headset port
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • 20 number personal directory
  • 1000 number system/group directory
  • Tri-color call indicator lamp
  • 8 Selectable ring tones
  • Home office functionality
  • Standard silver designation sheet or optional charcoal one
  • Also available in white

DSS Consoles

  • 60 programmable keys with LEDs
  • Ideal for receptionists
  • Also available in white

SMB Wireless IP DECT Handset (ML440)

  • Caller ID (name/number)
  • Call history
  • 4 Programmable keys
  • 3 dedicated soft keys (Hold/Transfer/Conf.) for easy call handling
  • Talk-time 20 hours / Standby time 220 hours
  • Brilliant color display with graphical user interface
  • Backlit keypad
  • Silent vibrator mode
  • Wideband two-way speakerphone
  • External headsets supported
  • Backlit, easy to see keys
  • Volume up and down key for quick adjustment
  • Mute key
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • 100 personal phonebook entries
  • Over the air synchronization and software upgrades

Wireless DECT Handset

  • 2 line/24 character backlit display (with feature icons)
  • Backlit keypad
  • 8 Programmable keys with LEDs
  • Headset port
  • Selectable ring tone

Stay Connected while on the Move

Remain reachable on the same number from wherever you are Mobile Extension
Be in when you’re out

With Mobile Extension, you can take your office number with you when you’re on the road. It provides you with access to system features such as caller ID, call transfer and voicemail, and it really is like being in the office, whether you’re travelling or sitting in traffic.

Never miss a sales call

Salespeople can use Mobile Extension to ensure that even when they’re on the road, they never miss a call which could lead to a lucrative business opportunity.

Get more out of your team

Company specialists can now maintain high service standards when out of the office, helping you make the most of the valuable members of your staff. Mobile Extension is also a great home office alternative to an IP phone.

Wireless DECT

Maintain service levels when away from your desk

With DECT handsets for wireless voice communications, you can keep in-touch with customers and colleagues from any in-building location.

NEC’s SMB Wireless (ML440) multiline IP handset delivers true on-site mobility with its large color LCD display and programmable keys.

Our Wireless Digital DECT handset offers another cost-effective option to stay connected and productive while away from your desk.

More than Voicemail

Advanced features for enhanced communications

What is InMail?

InMail is more than just a regular voicemail box. Packed with powerful business features, this is a solution to make keeping up to date easier than ever.

Recording capabilities for when you need it

By using the Call Record feature, you can keep track of important discussions. Recordings can be emailed to colleagues and stored for quick reference at a later time.

Keep your customers and colleagues up to date

Whatever you’re up to, you can have the right recorded message to match.

With three personalized greetings, you can select the one most appropriate depending on your availability or the time of day.

Add the optional license bundle for advanced capabilities.

Never miss another message

With Message Notification to your desktop phone, home office or mobile phone, you can monitor your mailbox effortlessly from wherever you are. You can even choose to receive email notifications with the message included as an audio attachment.

Always remain reachable

InMail offers you two ways for callers to reach you. Park and Page automatically Parks a call at an extension and Pages you with a recorded message announcing the parked call. You can then pick up the call from any telephone. With Find-Me-Follow-Me, if a caller rolls to voicemail, it gives them the option of pressing a single digit to try up to three additional phone destinations.

Set the language of your choice

InMail allows you to change the telephone display and mailbox language directly from the phone.

Upload customized greetings

Want to use a greeting recorded on a PC or one that is professionally done, InMail enables you to easily upload greetings to any subscriber mailbox? Additionally, you can download messages from callers.