Paging Systems

Paging Systems are important for nearly every business or organization. It doesn’t matter what your business is; a school, hospital, retail, a government building, a house of worship, Candy factory or small office.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your office, an intercom or overhead paging system will allow you to notify your employees and customers, quickly and effectively, without disturbing other departments. When the system is not being used for paging. your customers have the option of hearing quiet overhead music.

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The right overhead paging solution can improve efficiency and streamline your operations by connecting your entire office or plant. Get information to one employee, multiple employees or the entire company with the touch of a button. Over-head paging systems can also be configured to provide a “talk-back system” that enables the person being paged to respond. When it comes to installing paging systems Custom Communications Inc. has the knowledge, skill and experience to do the job. Paging issues in retail stores and other large businesses can be extremely challenging; especially as it relates to cabling problems

Our services will save you money and you’ll know the most qualified team is at your side.

We Provide the Following Paging Options:

Background / Overhead Music Installation

Emergency Paging Systems

Indoor / Outdoor Paging Systems

Night Ring / Loud Ring / Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation

Paging Horn Installation: Loud Ringer, Warble, Alert

Paging Speakers Installation: Corner Speakers, Wall Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Recessed Ceiling Speakers

Paging Volume Controls

Talkback Paging

Telephone Ringers

Zone Paging Systems